What is e-Democracy?

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing democracy. They are being used by citizens to communicate and engage, and by governments to promote political and public service campaigns, to provide access to government services and information, and most notably, for elections. Electronic democracy (e-Democracy) is a new global advance in the ways governments engage citizens in democracy.

What is the Centre for e-Democracy?

The Centre for e-Democracy is a charitable organization dedicated to initiating, translating and disseminating research and knowledge on the impact of digital technologies on politics and democracy.

Who’s involved in operating the Centre?

Delvinia CEO Adam Froman is the Centre’s Founder and Chair. Nicole Goodman, an Assistant Professor at the Munk School of Global Affairs, is the Centre’s Research Director.

What organizations is the Centre associated with?

The Centre is an independent, non-partisan charitable organization. It is not affiliated with any political organizations, groups or parties.

What kind of research projects can I expect to see on the Centre’s website?

It is the Centre’s goal to create more knowledge about the relationship between democracy and technology?and to make this knowledge freely available and easy to understand. All of the projects published here will support the study of e-Democracy.

How can I get my research published on your site?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your research project. You can reach us at contact@centreforedemocracy.com.

How do I donate?

Individual donations to the Centre can be made my clicking on the ?Donate Now? buttons found throughout our site. The Centre for e-Democracy is a registered charity. Donors will receive a tax receipt.

Should you wish to speak to someone about making a corporate donation, please contact us at contact@centreforedemocracy.com.