Online Voting Roundtable: Electoral Futures in Canada

Recap and Policy Briefs

In September 2016 the Centre for e-Democracy organized an Online Voting Roundtable in Ottawa to discuss the possible adoption of online voting in Canadian federal elections. Specifically, the Roundtable explored what the implementation of online voting could look like, features of the policy design, and the steps to be taken leading up to deployment.

The Roundtable was convened with the support of McMaster University, an Indigenous SSHRC-funded project led by Dr. Chelsea Gabel, and the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa.

The event brought together government Ministers, experts and practitioners from around the world, and members of Indigenous communities and from organizations across Canada. The Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of Democratic Institutions, provided opening remarks and Yvonne Jones, Inuk MP Labrador and Charlie Angus, MP Timmins James-Bay also spoke.

This coming together of a diverse group of contributors was also one of the first times social scientists gathered with computer scientists to discuss policy, stimulating a dialogue about electoral futures and representing an important step toward policy development.

A Policy Brief Series was also produced in conjunction with the Roundtable. These short policy-focused documents share other jurisdictional experiences and lessons and present recommendations with the goal of sparking public dialogue. The Roundtable content and policy briefs provide the basis for policy recommendations to the federal government Centre for e-Democracy Director, Nicole Goodman, is preparing as Canada evaluates the possibility of electoral reform.

Policy Brief Series

Technology & Elections Policy Brief Series – An Indigenous Perspective on Online Voting in Federal Elections: Nipissing First Nation — Prepared by: Dwayne Nashkawa – Chief Executive Officer, Nipissing First Nation

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Technology & Elections Policy Brief Series – Internet Voting in Canada: A Cyber Security Perspective – Aleksander Essex – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Western University, Canada

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Technology & Elections Policy Brief Series – Briefing of Dr. Dan S. Wallach – Professor, Department of Computer Science Rice Scholar, Baker Institute for Public Policy Rice University, Houston, Texas – Security Issues with Online Voting September 26, 2016

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Technology & Elections Policy Brief Series – Estonia’s Experience with Online Voting – Priit Vinkel, PhD – Estonian National Electoral Committee

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Technology & Elections Policy Brief Series – The Swiss Experience with Internet Voting – Dr. Uwe Serdült – Centre for Democracy Studies (ZDA) at the University of Zurich

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Technology & Elections Policy Brief Series – Internet Voting in the United States – Thad Hall, Ph.D., Fors Marsh Group

Thad Hall is a subject matter expert with Fors Marsh Group. The opinions expressed here reflect his personal views, not those of Fors Marsh

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To review the agenda from the event, click the link below:

Online Voting Roundtable Agenda_EN

Online Voting Roundtable Agenda_FR