The Internet Voting Project: Examining Internet voting from the perspectives of voters, candidates and election administration


By Nicole Goodman Why is the research important? Canadian municipalities are the leading users of Internet voting at the local level. There have been more local binding elections in the provinces of Ontario and Nova Scotia than anywhere else in the world, yet there is little research on the impacts of the Internet on voting and elections here. The option of voting online and other technological aspects of the registration and voting processes are part and parcel of the modernization of elections, a change in service that is perhaps consistent with, or perhaps lagging behind, other e-government service changes (depending CONTINUE READING

Welcome to the Centre for e-Democracy


We’re excited to be launching the Centre for e-Democracy’s (CeD) blog. We’ll be sharing stories about our research and projects in this space as well as updates about our programs and profiles of our staff. By way of introduction, we wanted to share a bit of the back story about how the Centre came to be. The CeD was founded by Delvinia CEO Adam Froman, a pioneer in creating customer-centric digital experiences. For over 20 years, Adam has been working to understand the impact of digital technologies. e-Democracy has also been a key component of his company’s work. Adam and CONTINUE READING