Policy Magazine shares Nicole Goodman’s presentation to the ERRE


Policy-Magazine-November-December-2016-web-IssueBy Nicole Goodman

On August 23rd of this year I had the pleasure of providing invited testimony before the Special Committee on Electoral Reform. The committee is presently considering three voting reforms – adoption of a more proportional voting system, … CONTINUE READING

Reconsidering Canada’s electoral futures: Renewed dialogue on online voting

Kalina Kamenova, PhD

By Kalina Kamenova, PhD


Kalina Kamenova, PhD

Online voting is a controversial, technological innovation that has generated extensive policy debates in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

There is a clear bifurcation of opinions on the adoption and implementation of online … CONTINUE READING

CPAC recaps the Centre for e-Democracy’s Online Voting Roundtable




Earlier this week, Centre for e-Democracy Director Nicole Goodman led an Online Voting Roundtable in Ottawa. This event, broadcast on CPAC, brought together government Ministers, experts and practitioners from around the world, and members of Indigenous communities and … CONTINUE READING

The Centre for e-Democracy releases the Internet Voting Project Report


Director invited to present to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform

internet-voting-report_outlines_v2(TORONTO, ON) August 23, 2016 – Today Nicole Goodman, PhD, Director of the Centre for e-Democracy (CeD) and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global CONTINUE READING